#StopTheScalpings announces Operation Fight With Fire | | Media Equalizer

Finally the right is using the left’s tactics based on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals!

Working Together, Against the Suppression of the First Amendment by the Left

NEW YORK, NY, May 30, 2017 – Today, conservatives stand together with #StoptheScalpings to push back against the attempt to silence those who dare to ask tough questions and pursue the truth. Sean Hannity, of Fox News, took it upon himself to delve deeper into a story, one that left many unanswered questions requiring further investigation.

#StopTheScalpings is part of the Media Equality Project, a new organization launched by Brian Maloney and Melanie Morgan, two longtime talk show hosts, political and media analysts.

The DNC, mainstream media, George Soros, and Media Matters for America, deemed Sean Hannity’s pursuit of the facts too close for comfort. In an effort to protect their ilk, and the secrets they keep, they have created a false narrative. They have defamed Hannity’s character, his work and political positions.

Source: #StopTheScalpings announces Operation Fight With Fire | | Media Equalizer

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