Sweden targets intellectual enemies with “hate list” register

Sweden’s cultural fabric continues to fray under the auspices of “the world’s first feminist government”.

Despite becoming the rape capital of Europe (and globally second only to South Africa where a woman is raped every 30 seconds) western liberals still point to Sweden as the model for their multicultural project.

To protect this myth of a diverse utopia, the Swedish establishment (and their international allies) must now enforce some of the most tyrannical social rules and restrictions on free speech.

Since censorship and public shaming isn’t doing enough to suppress the truth about the situation, they have now begun adding people to a registry, alleging incitement, extremism, and hate. That some of the most ardent liberals, like Dave Rubin, have been listed proves the progressive takeover of Western institutions is almost total.

The left radicalised a long time ago and has become foolishly bold in the absence of any real opposition. They believe their aggressive assault on civil debate and liberty won’t be met with equally extreme opposition.

What possesses people who claim to represent the oppressed to start a public database of intellectual enemies? Desperation. This is an ideology lashing out in its death throes. Progressivism is dead.




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