Soros-affiliated ‘GetUp!’ Targets Turnbull

Within hours of Malcolm Turnbull announcing stricter English language requirements for migrants, GetUp is fomenting social-media attacks accusing the Prime Minister of racism.

GetUp’s attempt to cast a very basic and reasonable requirement to speak English as a “racist demand” only confirms GetUp as the anti-Australian, anti-worker, pro-globalist scumbags we already knew they were.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.39.44 pm.png

GetUp was founded by Jeremy Heimans and David Madden with funding from none other than George Soros.

Considering GetUp claims to be politically neutral, it’s highly questionable that GetUp’s Sam Mclean went to work for Labor leader Bill Shorten last year.

As if their far-left connections weren’t obvious, We Can Do Better reported last year “Greens Leader Sarah Hanson Young was named a ‘World economic forum young global leader’ for 2016. George Soros is the chairman of that forum.”


To get an idea of what we’re in for if we allow Soros’ toxic influence to grow in Australia, read about how he turned the Democrats into a radical left-wing organisation.

Russia, China, Hungary, Macedonia, and Canada are trying to rid themselves of his influence. Australia should follow suit if we value democracy.

Have I missed any of Soros’ attempts to undermine democracy? Leave a comment below.

Rob Bronson

Uncensored and Unvarnished

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