Solve Seth Rich’s murder, save the World

Questions I want answered about the Seth Rich murder.

1. Where is the police report? Trying to silence people is not as good as embarrassing them with the truth, why are people trying to kill the case instead of answering the questions?
2. With the dozens of street cameras in the vicinity how is there not a single person of interest?
3. Where is the body-cam footage officers were wearing, and what does it reveal?
4. Were the two shots fired into his back short, medium, or long range shots, what gun was used, if not a revolver where are the shell casings? Botched robbers don’t stop to pick up shells.
5. It was reported that Seth’s wristband/watch was torn, did he scratch his attacker and is there potential DNA or potential finger prints anywhere?
6. Who did Seth call that night?
7. Where is Seth’s laptop?
8. What hospital was he taken to? Who was the doctor in charge?
9. Who did the police interview?
10. If the case is still not resolved why not expand the search?
11. Where is the medical report?
12. If a robbery why was he shot in the back
13. If they had a struggle why was he shot in the back

This thing can easily be put to bed by answering these questions, the quicker we answer them the quicker it stops “for the sake of the family” social media won’t stop, the internet wont stop. Trying to kill the story with lawyers and judges takes a lot longer. Simply coming out and giving us the police/investigators report plus the hospital report will settle this matter once and for all.

If the police have a dead-end case releasing the info might help bring the killers to justice, a better result for the Rich family.

None of this makes any sense.

The police could make a statement and provide details, this will not only kill the story but embarrass people like Hannity. Backroom dealings, lawyers, judges, sponsors, cease and desist orders and stupid notions like the family’s “feelings” seems more like trying to stop an investigation then bringing killers to justice.

Original article,

Calling on anyone who is not blind to what’s happening in the world. Solve the Seth Rich case, save the world… It’s as simple as that. Solving the Seth Rich murder will show that the left has manufactured the Russia narrative. It will absolve Trump from the ridiculous notion that he has colluded with the Russians or that Russia had “hacked” the election.

Once debunked the leftist will be left without a platform. Their only purpose is opposing Trump. Once most people conclude that Donald Trump is truly for the people, the Republicans will take a supermajority. They will eradicate the rule of the left and the tools of Soros. The media and their bias narrative will be cast aside and their controlling masters will flee.

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, WAPO and NYT will be shown for what they are, propaganda arms of Soros and the globalist Democrats. People will become “woke” in vast numbered and realise they have been duped. We may never see another chance of mass awakening like this again. Without the media peddling constant negative Trump news and leftist propaganda, people will realise that after 18 months of constant media and agency scrutiny they are yet to find an iota of evidence. Trump’s only interest is saving his people from a horrible globalist socialist future.

Right now, the only thing that matters to the left is keeping the “Russian” narrative going at all expense, it’s the only tool the left has. Obama the leftist messiah is gone, Clinton the chaos merchant is done. They have no platform. They have no message. They have no leadership. They have no direction. Nothing to entice voters. Like a sinking ship, they have cast their lines onto the “Russian meddling” narrative. Destroy this and it will disable the Democrats for decades.

People are so blinded, so indoctrinated by the media with self-hate that they are willing to see America burn. They will risk world war – a nuclear war with Russia – that will spell the end of mankind just to avoid going back to a nation of pride in pursuit of peace and international balance.

If we don’t find a way forward, the deranged media will continue to poison the minds of voters with unsubstantiated claims, misinformation, opinions and propaganda. It will extend the stalemate in the Washington swamp, delaying drainage of the self-interest that has built up for far too long. Growing the debt, slowing the economy and importing ideologies that have caused self-destruction for over a millennium.

Now is the time, probably our last chance to save the west. Europe has fallen and as has been the case historically we once again look to the United States as a guiding light. Save democracy, save our way of life, the way of life that has created every advancement of mankind for the last 400 years. Make no mistake Islam has done nothing for planet Earth and will only infect the West with the same destruction it’s fleeing.

We have been handed a rare opportunity, a rough diamond, a patriot. Someone whose voice does not sing with angels nor the lyrics of a poem but with a true heart of love. Donald Trump is deliverance, a last chance before the destruction of the West and its Christian values usher in a new dark age.

All the destruction can be turned around in an instant. With the media narrative destroyed, the democrats will be left with no path and Trump will be free to lead us to a better future. Against the un-elected left, the un-elected media, the un-elected deep state who see themselves as the rightful rulers of a fascist globalist society.

All this can happen by solving one murder case. This is probably the most important murder mystery of all time. We cannot rely on the CIA, the FBI, or the government. They safeguard their own. If we make it through this, in 50 years from now people will remember not great battles with sword or gun but the internet warriors who made it happen. Centipedes, autists, I salute you. Solve Seth Rich’s murder, save the world.

Rob Bronson

Uncensored and Unvarnished

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