Sneaky LGBT activists get themsleves arrested in St Petersburg

Protesters laying on the road blocking traffic anywhere in the world would be arrested – or at the very least removed by law enforcement. So you have to hand it to the left, they are very good at maximising global media impact. They smeared their faces with fake blood and voila – “shocking” images reverberate around the world with the implication that they were arrested for the mere act of protest. It’s getting very predictable.

UPDATE: Surprise surprise: If you look beyond the reports of reports of reports, you discover the originating source of the claims of “rounding up” and “arresting” protestors is none other than Soros-linked ultra-leftist Novaya Gazeta. The leftist media and its foot-soldiers are part of a very well-oiled propaganda machine. 


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2 thoughts on “Sneaky LGBT activists get themsleves arrested in St Petersburg”

    1. The treatment of LGBT people in Chechnya, but they don’t mention that Chechnya is an Islamic Republic. Instead, they are exploiting the alleged Chechnyan persecution (that story also originates from Novaya Gazeta) to generate headlines around the world that associate “Russia” with “LGBT persecution”.

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