QLD govt funds online vigilantes to hunt down conservatives

This is not democracy. This is tyranny. We supposedly have a right to speak on changing the marriage law in Australia, but governments are pouring money into radical leftwing organisations with the sole purpose of silencing and punishing opposition. Anyone who has dared to express even a hint of doubt about left wing policy is smeared as a far right nazi. Bear that in mind as you read how the QLD government is funding online vigilantes.

From the Brisbane Times: 

  • A team of Queensland volunteers will scour neo-Nazi and other far-right or anti-gay web forums to monitor conversation around same-sex marriage and report those who overstep legal boundaries during the postal survey period.
  • The LGBTI Legal Service will run a project named Like Love, involving training and co-ordinating volunteers to monitor online forums, media and posters to ensure accountability where unlawful vilification may have occurred.
  • A team of volunteers will be trained before monitoring “No” vote websites, neo-Nazi and extreme right wing and anti-Same Schools pages to ensure they were not breaking the law.
  • The information will be compiled and sent to the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland for investigation.
  • The federal government has also introduced laws protecting Australians who felt vilified, intimidated or threatened by another person’s conduct during the same-sex marriage campaign, with civil penalties of up to $12,600. It applied to advertising, leaflet materials and behaviour.
  • The Queensland government has announced an extra $7000 for the Like Love project during the postal survey.
  • The funding comes from a contingency fund that was set aside to assist legal services responding to emerging community legal needs.
  • Last month, Queensland Health announced $338,000 for four non-government organisationsto protect the mental health of LGBTIQ community members during the postal survey.
  • The volunteer-run LGBTI Legal Service received government funding for the first time in April – $406,000 over the next three years.
  • If people spot questionable content, the LGBTI Legal Service has asked they take a screen shot and visit

Do you enjoy giving the government 30-50% of your income so they can use it against you?

Source: Online discussions on same-sex marriage to be monitored

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