Melbourne, we have a problem

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I donā€™t know if you have noticed but home invasions are on the rise and there is a certain group of people that are dominating the stats. Take a trip to Africa and you will notice homes with metal barred windows, high electric fences in gated villages with armed guards. Invading someoneā€™s home in Australia is easy pickings for an African. Our homes are not set up behind walls, we donā€™t have security systems or doors, and above all, we are unarmed.

Being caught off guard in the middle of the night makes us vulnerable and submissive. Soft targets for imports that have lower moral standards and much more aggressive backgrounds. With a 40% increase in the last year alone and police only solving 82% of the cases we should not expect things to slow down. Even when they do get caught the punishment is weak, one judge going so far as apologising to a criminal.

Neil Mitchell stated we cannot let this become the norm but this is not what should scare Melbournians. How long before we start seeing rape, assault, and murder added to the African list of norms? This question might seem extreme but Africa features prominently on the world crime stage. Home invasion is big there but not as big as rape. Itā€™s only logical to say that to these people if home invasion is acceptable then so is rape.

Bear in mind I am not saying all Africans are rapists or even criminals but those who are might soon realise that they can take more than laptops, phones and cars. For an African youth his chances of getting away with robbery via home invasion is 4/5, why not add the other popular African crimes? The places they come from have extreme laws like chopping off limbs for a reason.

We are repeating the mistakes of the past in thinking forced integration will result in these people turning out just like us, only this time around we are the victims instead of those we force our ways upon. Those who want opportunity will find boundless fruit in Australia but there will be many who seek to take advantage of welfare, weak laws and a defenceless population.

As a refugee, you should be thankful for being accepted and do all you can to take advantage of the gift and opportunity you are handed. This is what itā€™s all about in the end and many grab this prospect with both hands, but as is clear now many do not. What can be done?

All around the world we are starting to see the effects of a soft approach to refugee crime. The soft approach does not work. If you commit a crime as a first-generation refugee you should be instantly shipped back to your country of origin. We only want refugees who see possibility, opportunity and express gratitude. We do not want criminal welfare cases who demand or think it’s their right to be here.

For those here in Australia who have experienced this for the first time, they will never have another night of deep sleep, their home will never be a safe space ever again. Stop and try to imagine what that must feel like. No matter your politics, it’s every Australians right to feel safe in their own home. Either government fixes this fast or the change the laws and allow Australians to arm and protect themselves.

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Rob Bronson

Uncensored and Unvarnished

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  1. At least Florida we have the “stand your ground law” and plenty of weapons to shoot those mf’ers. Too bad your countrymen gave up their weapons. Now, your sitting ducks for those Africans

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