#MacronGate: Red Hot or Red Herring…Who Benefits?

We already know Macron is not the man he’d like us to believe he is. So the possibility of a secret offshore account filled with cash by shadowy global figures is not really a surprise.

Today, citizen journalists released a series of documents suggesting Macron may be engaging in tax evasion.

An independent analyst examined the documents and concluded the claims are likely true.

Partisan news outlets are spinning this of course, but let’s consider who benefits.

If the leaks are true, Le Pen benefits because Macron will be embroiled in an official investigation.

If the leaks are forgeries, Macron can sue the originating sources and has threatened to sue any media repeating the claims, but Le Pen still benefits from the current media feeding frenzy.

However there’s another option that should be considered: If the Macron camp released fake records as a red herring, he now controls the media narrative. Once proven false (but untraceable) he would have grounds to sue the “offending” outlets branded “far right” by the fake mainstream media (whether or not legally is of no concern – only public opinion matters) – effectively silencing dissent immediately and clearing the way for further attacks on independent investigators and journalists.

Plus, a red herring presents two benefits for Macron regardless of election outcome. Should he lose, he has laid the foundations for a campaign to taint the legitimacy of Le Pen’s presidency (exactly like the DNC did to Trump by cooking up the ongoing “Russian hacking” narrative). Should Macron win, he can claim a victory while accusing his enemies of doing the things he himself has done, thereby undermining any valid criticism and opposition.

This may sound far fetched, but it’s really just classic Alinsky tactics. Considering Alinskyite Obama just endorsed Macron, nothing would surprise me. The investigation continues. We’ll be sharing updates on Twitter using #MacronGate



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