Iran and the 3 Stages Of Islamic Invasion

If you want to know what an Islamic takeover looks like, compare Iran pre- and post-revolution. In 1979, rebels overthrew the “oppressive” leader Shah Pahlavi and created, via referendum, an Islamic republic run by an Islamic council and supreme leader.

The contrast between Iran in 1979 and today cannot be greater. The direction it took from that day should be an indication of what the Islamic ideology does to any society it occupies.

The distinction between the peaceful majority and the powerful minority must be highlighted. Are there Muslims who live happily in the west with a very personal expression of faith? Of course. But the powerful few, those who occupy the highest offices in every country and have huge war chests available for propaganda purposes, won’t stop pushing for Islam to dominate. This is a codified command from Allah. “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah” – Quran 8:39


Iran prior to 1979

Iran today


This backward ideology cannot coexist within or alongside any other system. Like cancer, it spreads and multiplies, infecting its host. Its sole purpose is expansion. At the start, you might think it’s only a small spot on your skin, but before long it spreads to the rest of the body. If the growth is not treated soon enough, the host loses the battle.

We can break Islamisation into three stages:

Stage One – Immigrate

Thankful migration, a mosque or two, no real integration, dangerous ideas quietly metastasize. Then multiplication starts, more families join, more mosques are built. It exploits the weakness of the host (e.g. political correctness) and starts spreading into institutions like public broadcasters, universities, and think tanks. The propaganda is subtle at first, like telling a compassionate but uninformed public “Islam is a feminist religion”…little lies that lull the host into a false sense of security.

Stage Two – Infiltrate

Next will be a more aggressive injection into the culture. It forces the host to denounce its own culture and adapt to Islam’s ways – like the President of Austria declaring a covered female population to be inevitable. A marked increase in sexual assaults and rape, FGM, child marriage, and terrorism, along with a coordinated denial of any correlation to Islamisation. It only requires a small infection, say 3% of the host population, for an outrage industry to begin. Activists start keeping lists of “enemies” and sharia law becomes a topic of debate, with no debate of course. Those opposed are labelled paranoid, ignorant, and/or racist (despite Islam being a set of ideas, not a race). 

Stage Three – Caliphate

Domination, it infects government, shuts down native religion and culture. Out of fear of terrorism, rape and even death, the host capitulates and submits to Islamic rule. Sharia law is instated, those who oppose are hunted down, raped, beheaded, or crucified.

As much as people do not want to believe any of this, we have examples of the three stages. Australia and America are in stage one moving into stage two, parts of Europe are in stage two and Iran is in stage three. Islam will not adapt to our ways. It will not integrate and it will not coexist.

Western interventionists think we need to liberate Muslims from the terrible places they come from, but we should ask why those places are the way they are. Why do fighting age men flee their homelands rather than defend them? We’re currently witnessing the largest migration of human beings in history.  

People of Islamic faith claim to be offended by everything: women “exposing” themselves, cartoon drawings, religious holidays, food, language, jokes, television, alcohol etc etc etc. But it’s a game designed to capitalise on the west’s most altruistic instincts. Of course we don’t want to offend others. So first we self-censor. Then we censor others. Then we ban public expression of our own beliefs and traditions. Christmas becomes “the holiday season”. Christ is scrubbed from Easter. What next? Embracing their religion? Wearing headscarves? Conversion? 

We will keep making concessions on each new item that offends Muslims until we find ourselves under sharia law.

Rob Bronson

Uncensored and Unvarnished

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