France Le Havre: Rape Culture Video Is banned on Twitter and Youtube

The video takes place in Le Havre, in the district of Caucriauville. The little aggressor takes the girl by the throat to bring her back to the ground and keep her there as she struggles. He puts his hand at the level of his crotch.

Djadid, a Comorian French-as-you-and-me, posted on Twitter on 22 June the video hallucinating sexual assault of a white girl, with commentary “CHUI MORRRRRRRRRRR MDRRR”. Stop the rape? No. He prefers to film and send to his racialized friends on the internet, a good part of which will rave with him.

One wonders what is driving this young boy, at his age, he is not sexually active?

France, Sweden, Germany and to a lesser extent Britain are experiencing a rape epidemic that aligns with the acceptance of large numbers of Islamic refugees.

Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are activly searching and deleting this video


Counter Collective cannot verify the source of this video, it was obtained via the internet.

Rob Bronson

Uncensored and Unvarnished

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