CNN Blackmails Private Citizen Who Created Funny Trump Wrestle Meme

UPDATE: CNN now admits they don’t know how Trump got the Reddit gif, in other words they attacked a redditor and blackmailed him for nothing.

CNN has used its considerable resources to track and find a single person who created a funny meme and posted it to Reddit. As Memes often do its spread via social media and ended up in a Trump tweet.

CNN who after 12 months of bashing Trump with only self-inflected wounds to show for it has now turned its towards public. Let’s be clear the Reddit user has broken no laws but was forced to kill his own free speech with the threat of being exposed by a global news network. Whatever your politics this should be of concern to everyone.

CNN might be a global news network but they are no match for the internet as social media went into meltdown. First came the criticism from all corners on the social media followed by the predictable explosion of CNN memes. Anyone could have foreseen this but not CNN, who reside in their own reality.

CNN has come under fire the last few weeks for a number of debunked articles, preducers spilling the beans on the fake Russia narritive and also stats that show their overall negitive Trump coverage sitting at 93%

Here is a compilation of the best memes so far

For more check out twitter #CNNblackmail that has been trending for nearly 24 hours internationally with thousands of memes in retalitation.

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