Apple shareholders give the middle finger to diversity proposal 

Apple shareholders rejected a proposal yesterday that would have required the company to improve the diversity of its top ranks. This is the second year in a row that Apple shareholders have shot down the proposal, with just over 95 percent of the vote opposing it this time around — slightly more than last year.

The proposal, submitted by shareholders Tony Maldonado and Zevin Asset Management, asked Apple to “adopt an accelerated recruitment policy … to increase the diversity of senior management and its board of directors.” Maldonado and Zevin had argued that Apple’s upper ranks were responding too slowly to the company’s own diversity initiatives and that it would ultimately come back to bite them, be it through missing talent or new opportunities.

The Verge article features this corker of a sub-headline:


Is it any wonder shareholders rejected a proposal to “increase diversity in its top ranks” when the anti-white hostility is so blatantly obvious? The motivations for diversity only ever mean one thing: fewer white people. There is no reason, despite what SJW activists will say about greater profits (which they ordinarily despise and punish), to push for “diversity” apart from disenfranchising white people from the companies, institutions, and societies they themselves create and build.

So who is Zevin Asset Management? This can’t be solely about diversity at Apple. No one cares that much about the right percentages of different coloured people making billions of dollars for mega-corporations. Well, I’m correct (as usual). Here’s the Huffington Post bio of Zevin founder, Robert Zevin:

Robert has been a leader in socially respon­si­ble invest­ing since the 1960s. He was the prin­ci­pal archi­tect of the first Calvert Social Invest­ment Fund in 1982 and was a leader in the move­ment to divest from apartheid South Africa. His activism and com­mit­ment to civil dis­obe­di­ence has led to arrests and beat­ings as well as board­rooms. He has founded, co-​founded, and led numer­ous social change orga­ni­za­tions such as Resist (against the war in Viet­nam), United States Servicemen’s Fund (anti-​war GI cof­fee houses), Hay­mar­ket Foun­da­tion (change not char­ity), Affir­ma­tive Invest­ments (direct com­mu­nity invest­ments), and Shared Inter­est (sup­port for infor­mal econ­omy in South Africa since 1996) as well as the School for Com­mu­nity Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment at South­ern New Hamp­shire Uni­ver­sity. Robert is also a Har­vard PhD in eco­nom­ics, who has taught at Berke­ley, Colum­bia, Har­vard, Boston Uni­ver­sity, UMass Amherst, and Sim­mons Col­lege. He has pub­lished two books and numer­ous arti­cles about eco­nomic his­tory and social pol­icy. His strongest cur­rent inter­ests beyond socially respon­si­ble invest­ing are encour­ag­ing the anti-​war move­ment among ser­vice­men and women and their fam­i­lies, and work­ing for cam­paign finance reform.

So basically he’s a professional shit-stirrer with nearly unlimited resources at his disposal with which to stir. What is Mr Zevin’s stance on South Africa, now that the country is free from evil apartheid white oppressors? I hear crickets even as South Africa crumbles to junk. For a such a prolific anti-war activist, Zevin has certainly been quiet on globalist attempts to topple Assad and vocal on the non-existent threat of Russian aggression.

If Apple – or any – shareholders think this is the end of leftist agitation, they’d be mistaken. These people push diversity to stack organisations with their own people to wield ever greater power and control. If Zevin really were a “socially responsible investor” (he’s credited as being the “father of Socially Responsible Investing – I’d like to see his portfolio) perhaps he’d be more concerned about slave-labor conditions that drive third-world Apple factory workers to kill themselves in despair, rather than about how many brown women are making 6-figure bonuses in San Francisco.

Source: Apple shareholders overwhelmingly reject diversity proposal – The Verge

Zevin Apple Diversity
I wouldn’t trust Zevin as far as I could throw him. And he has terrible taste in art.

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