Petition to Fire Yassmin Abdel-Magied After ANZAC Day Insult to Diggers

If I were to guess why Yassmin Abdel-Magied has such a large mouth, I’d say it’s because she keeps stuffing her foot in it. Now a petition to fire the ABC presenter after she insulted Diggers on ANZAC Day is heating up. 

Not content with a Middle East book tour on our dime, denying human rights abuses, and labelling Islam “THE most feminist religion” – The ABC presenter now spits on our Diggers on ANZAC Day.  


 Yassmin Abdel-Magied Insults Diggers on ANZAC Day

Like a typical Social Justice Warrior, Abdel-Magied thinks deleting the highly offensive Facebook post and apologising is enough to protect her public sector salary. But Aussies have had enough. A petition to fire her from ABC has almost reached its goal of 35,000 signatures.  

Fairfax Feminists Triggered by Criticism 

Abdel-Magied has consistently weaponised her black skin, immigrant status, gender, and religion against the taxpayers who fund her platform. This fact is evidenced every time supporters open their hypocritical mouths. Case in point: Clementine “Kill All Men” Ford was triggered bigly. 


Poor Yassmin is just a “Muslim woman” and anyone offended by her disgraceful attitude is an “Aussie dickhead”. A quick look at Clem’s Twitter feed suggests she hasn’t been eating enough of her feelings lately. Gurl…eat a Snickers. It might help you remember ANZAC Day isn’t about glorifying war. 💅

This is all really just about Australia’s $1B National Child Abuse Policy 

Leftists should be congratulated for their ability to capitalise on everything. Even criticism of their worst proponents. In a surprise move, Benjamin Law departed from his usual racist positions to suggest this is all just a nothingburger because child abuse is basically national policy.  

If the recent apology by a sentencing judge to Sudanese gangbangers is anything to go by, I’d say a more abusive national policy is needed. 

As usual the left deflects, attacks, and reverses victim and offender but one thing is clear. 

Yassmin Abdel-Magied needs to go. 


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2 thoughts on “Petition to Fire Yassmin Abdel-Magied After ANZAC Day Insult to Diggers”

  1. You should also check the video on her Facebook page – the one about a Right Of Reply to Lionel Shriver at Brisbane Writers Festival in Sept 2016. Watch from the 18 minute mark. She actually pre-empted what would happen if she besmirched ANZAC Day! She knew exactly what she was doing. Nothing but a shit stirring media whore, who will now no doubt play the ‘victim’

  2. The ABC, Labor and the Greens are enablers of an Australian islamic caliphate. They must be stopped.

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