Zuckerberg Hires ‘Gang of Eight’ Pollsters To Skew DACA Amnesty Polls 

Zuckerbot really wants to hang onto his cotton pickers – er – I mean Extremely Valuable Highly Skilled Foreign Workers.

Breitbart: “Mark Zuckerberg’s deputies have rehired the pollsters behind the 2014 “Gang of Eight” electoral disaster to help persuade politicians that support for the 2017 DACA amnesty will not be a career-ending decision.

The pollsters’ “optimized messaging” advice proved catastrophic to many politicians in 2014, including five defeated Democratic Senators plus the GOP’s House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, who lost his Virginia primary. The amnesty-boosting advice was also catastrophic for Sen. Marco Rubio, and for Sen. Chuck Schumer, who lost the five Democrats and four more open seats held by retiring Democrats. That loss of nine seats cost Schumer the opportunity to be the Senate’s Majority leader for President Barack Obama’s last two years and President Donald Trump’s first two years.”

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