Why Chechnya’s Gay Concentration Camps Are A Good Thing

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic

If the reports coming from Moscow are to be believed, Chechnya is rounding up gay men in a targeted “purge”. The alleged gay concentration camps are great news. Here’s why.

The ragtag coalition of Western LGBT media organisations and activists who refer to themselves collectively as the “community” might finally wake up and realise organised Islam is an existential threat.

See, Chechnya is part of Russia, which allows “deeply concerned” Western LGBTQIA spokespeople to pump out a slew of headlines condemning Putin yet again. While their outrage may be justified, they’re wrong to direct it at Russia.

As a sunni Muslim region, Chechnya is practically a no-go zone. Or to paraphrase the words of Alvi Karimov, spokesman for the Chechen leader: a no gay zone.

It should be noted the “credible reports” of Chechen oppression originate from Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s liberal newspaper which has in the past acknowledged accepting funds from George Soros

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