Who cares who pays? The cost, saving and benefit of having a physical border wall.

As reported on the Gateway Pundit, Judge Jeanie during an interview with President Trump brought up the question of if the border wall that was promised during President Trump’s campaign will be built.

“You gonna build that wall?”

President Trump confidently responded.

“We’re gonna build the wall, absolutely. Is there a question about that?”

Fox News reported on this short segment, discussing what stage of planning the border wall is currently at.

Fox News Video (Twitter)

What remains a hot topic between left and right leaning Americans is where the funding of the wall will come from. Many are still arguing if Mexico or the United States will pay for the border wall.

All that can be said is ‘Who cares?’

Who cares if the United States foots the bill for the border wall?

Diving into statistics from Commercial Appeal from Pew Research, illegal immigration costs the United States $113 billion every year in benefits, healthcare, education and many other services that legal citizens pay for. Unfortunately illegal immigrants only contribute $11.6 billion in taxes annually and send $26.72 billion in remittances (money sent by illegal immigrants back to their homeland) each year which disappear from the economy and these figures only grow every passing year.

This brings the total cost of illegal immigration to $128.12 billion each year and only grows with each passing year.

Comparing this cost with CNBC‘s highend estimation of $15 billon to $25 billion to construct and up to $750 million each year to maintain. For comparison we will assume the higher end is correct.

The initial build is $25 billion which is $103.12 billion cheaper than the $128.12 spent each year on illegal immigration. The border wall has ongoing maintainance costs, which is still dwarfed by one year of illegal immigration, in fact you could build the wall (for $25 billion) and maintain the wall for 137 years and it would still be 370 million cheaper than a single year of illegal immigration.

So it is clear that the costs involved in the border wall and how it will be funded is irrelevant due to how much cheaper it is and how much US funds it would save, simply for building it; that figure is approximately $351 million each day.

Now this is not just about money; Pew Research estimates there are 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the United States. This makes up 3.5% of the US population, yet this 3.5% commit 13.6% of all crimes, 12% of which are murders and 16% of which are drug and human trafficking sentences.

Even if the United States paid; the construction of the border wall, the halt of illegal immigration and the deportation of illegal immigrants could save the United States $103.12 billion in the first year, $127.37 billion every year after and reduce up to 13.6% of crimes.


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