VIDEO: Donald Trump’s Journey to the White House by @GMconservative

Very early on in the 2016 election cycle, while my peers still thought Donald Trump was a joke candidate, I became convinced he would win the presidency.

Why? While everyone around me was immersed in the biased polls, pundits and press that inescapably flooded every social media platform, I noticed two things.

One, the downright patronising attitude and general nastiness of my own (now former) idols and news sources. (Knowing what I do now, I’m ashamed I ever uttered a word of support for Obama.)

Two, the impressive volume and quality of content being produced by redhats. Everything they did was in stark contrast to the hysterical lies and slander coming from the left. It was funny, energetic and hopeful.

It’s good to see patriots still producing great stuff, like this video by @GMconservative who is deep behind enemy lines in Commiefornia. #MAGA

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