US Military CLOSED to transgender troops

It was only last year that Obama allowed transgenders to serve in the US military. So why is the media claiming the so-called “LGBT community” (there’s no such thing, I can tell you firsthand) and its “allies” totally apoplectic now that President Trump has rescinded the “historic” precedent?

This is “JUST LIKE HITLER” don’t you know?

The answer is sex changes. According to The Hill, “The Obama administration lifted the ban on allowing transgender troops to serve openly last year. Under the policy set by then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter, transgender troops also receive coverage for any treatment deemed medically necessary by their doctors, including surgery and hormone therapy.” The government won’t cover their meds and gender reassignment surgery.

Remember when that half-black football player making millions of dollars refused to sing for the national anthem and people got really pissed at him? And then the left condemned all forms of nationalism as a “white supremacist construct” or something equally ridiculous? Yeah well they suddenly love nationalism (especially militarism) again.

The thing is…the left is wrong as usual. Vice is running a poll. As of 27 July and 24k respondents, 51% support the ban. 42% oppose. 7% just DGAF.

Veteran Angelo explains the situation in black and white.

America’s Most Famous Transgender Leaker Chelsea Manning took time out of being a degenerate…

…to weigh in with a typical shitlib insight…

REMEMBER: Bradley Manning became Chelsea Manning thanks to TAX DOLLARS

What’s worse than being a suicidal transgender? Being a suicidal transgender who thinks Trump said you were a burden because a supposed ally made you think that’s what he said…

Yeah let’s give these people guns and training and send them into war zones. I bet Mary is a cutter.

The Crypt Keeper Nancy Pelosi thinks men who think they’re women are just like blacks in 1948.

Just don’t mention the Japs…

Babykillers, “Planned” Parenthood, forgot the definition of “vicious & divisive”…

That old queer from Star Trek called for violent revolution…

But thankfully some actual veterans know what’s up…

The best thing about all this? The democrats still don’t have a platform for 2018, but recently promised to end their obsessive focus on social justice rubbish in the hope of clawing back some support in the rust belt. They now either have to forsake the hysterical and insane urban SJW base in order to stick to their promise, or you know…focus on things that matter if you want to win elections.

Thomas Wictor explains why Trump’s decision to ban transgender individuals from military service is the only option. (Click through and read his whole thread)


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