U.N. Attacks Poland for not killing enough babies

Extreme title? Couldn’t be true right? Well the United Nations recent actions would imply otherwises.

Last month (May 9th) the United States and other countries criticized Poland at the United Nations Human Rights Council[a] in Geneva for new laws being implemented. In particular criticizing Poland for its restrictive abortion laws, calling on the Roman Catholic nation to give women the right to safe and legal abortions.

The debate May 9th in Gevena was the first time that the country;s recent record was reviewed by the world human rights forum.

Yet it is still illegal in Saudi Arabia to abort babies[a], so why is the United Nations putting pressure on Poland for refusing to do the same? The Polish are happy with abortions being illegal and so are Saudi Arabians.

It is against the Saudis dominant religion to abort which is enough for the United Nations but abortions being against Polish dominant religion is not okay apparently? and deserves the weight of the United Nations to be thrown at Poland.

This kind of double standard gives the impression that the United Nations really want more dead Polish babies.

The U.S. representative at the session, Sheila Leonard, said her country was concerned about the developments in Poland. Polish officials defended their record, saying the changes Law and Justice introduced were in line with European norms.

The leading Polish representative, Renata Szczech, an undersecretary of state at Poland’s Foreign Ministry, reported that the government has reduced childhood poverty levels dramatically with new cash bonuses for families. Several delegates said they recognized the reduction in childhood poverty and urged Warsaw to show improvements in the other areas.

The Polish aren’t concerning themselves with killing babies but focusing their energy on bringing children out of poverty.


This story was picked up on popular internet forum Reddit’s second most active sub-forum The_Donald, where while this article was being written, it was removed from the rising section (removed along with other posts). It wasn’t deleted but shadow-banned (can still be viewed directly) which only Reddit admins have the ability to do. It was however quickly picked up on and reposted.


The post (orignal and repost) had an interesting discussion involved which may get you asking questions on what the United Nations intentions are.




~ External links have been archived with [a] proceeding them.

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