Trump Drops #MOAB (update MSM heavily inflates cost)

 At 21,000lbs, the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) is the largest non-nuclear payload in the US arsenal…and it just decimated an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan.

This will be a welcome move after last week’s strike on Assad’s airbase was seen by many as a betrayal of campaign promises.

Of course the same critics now comparing the cost of the weapon to proposed domestic social programs were remarkably silent on the 26,000 bombs Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama dropped last year alone.

Update: CNN and other mainstream outlets have falsely claimed the cost of one MOAB is anywhere from $16 million to over $300 million. Unlike the Tomahawk which is basically a jet engine propelled missile the MOAB is simply a large drop-from-a-plane bomb.  The MK83 which is the MOAB’s smaller brother and at a thousand pounds cost $12,000. The actual cost of the MOAB is around $170,000.

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