The Truth about #RussiaGate – its origin and purpose

I came across this thread on Twitter and reproduced it here in full for easy reading. I hope Oathkeeper @USNJack doesn’t mind, but I made only small edits to spelling. It’s by far the best summation I’ve seen of the #RussiaGate myth currently dominating the media narrative, and an outstanding exposé for those who, until now, may not have grasped the nature or extent of the various corrupt global forces now unified in total opposition to President Trump, and by proxy, to us…free people everywhere. You can see the original thread here, or simply read on. 

@USNJack writes: 

Over the past few evenings, we have learned about events that senior members of our Gov’t have kept hidden.

We have learned that the attack on the US State Dept compound in Benghazi was perpetrated by a group known as the Rahman Brigade.

We have learned that the Rahman Brigade was formed to force the US to return the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader to Egypt.

We have learned that the Benghazi attack was a failed attempt to kidnap US Ambassador Chris Stevens and that the kidnappers were sent by former Egyptian President Morsi.

We learned that President Morsi was a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood and that his promise to return the “Blind Sheikh” to Egypt with the support of the US State Dept under Secretary Hillary Clinton, was the primary reason he won the Egyptian Presidential election.

We have learned that Ambassador Stevens security detail was removed only days before the failed kidnapping attempt and that he had been instructed to stay inside the Benghazi compound the entire day of the event by his superiors.

We have learned that in addition to the CIA GRS, there were QRFs that could have responded to the attack against our facilities. We have confirmed that the GRS operators as well as the available US military units capable of responding to the attack were ordered to stand down at the highest levels of our Gov’t.

We have learned that before the attack against the CIA Annex was over, members of President Obama’s NSC had already commenced spreading the story about a protest over an anti-Muslim Youtube video. We know that no protest occured in Benghazi.

We know that the protests the previous day in Cairo had nothing to do with a Youtube video that had never even been seen in Egypt.

We know the protest in Cairo that resulted in the breech of the US Embassy was organized by the family of the Blind Sheikh.

We know the protesters carried signs and chanted for President Morsi and the US to deliver on the promise to return the Blind Sheikh to Egypt.

We know President Morsi was in danger of being overthrown because of his failure to deliver on this promise.

We know he made the formal request to the US State Dept for the return of the Blind Sheikh and that representitives of New York State made sure that that request was not acted upon.

We know Morsi blamed the US for reneging on a promise and that this is what angered the Egyptian people to attack our Embassy in Cairo.

We know FBI Diretor James Comey and CI Director David Petraeus both sent teams to Benghazi only days after the failed kidnapping attempt.

We know that neither of their investigative reports were included in the Benghazi Select Committee report.

We know that David Petraeus was forced to resign before his testimony on the Benghazi attack could be heard.

We know that an agent of the FBI counter-intelligence division, a Ms. Paula Broadwell, was a senior US military officer and that she compromised Gen Petraeus days after his investigative trip to Benghazi.

We know that the FBI never pursued the actual Rahman Brigade leaders responsible for the failed kidnapping attempt of Ambassador Stevens or anyone else that could expose the complicity of the Egyptian President that the US had brought to power via a color revolution that cost the US taxpayers millions.

President Obama was re-elected in Nov of 2012 based solely on the extent of the Benghazi cover-up. Had the truth about our involvement in overthrowing the Gov’t of Hosni Mubarak to install the leader of a known terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, as President of Egypt and that this coupled with the promises made to release the Blind Sheikh resulted in not only the failed attack and kidnapping attempt leading to the death of four brave Americans and the injury of many more at the CIA Annex, President Obama and Hillary Cinton’s political careers would be over.

We know that senior members of both the GOP and DNC were involved in the coverup.

We know that Comey’s refusal to pursue the actual culprits in the attack not only provided assurance to those involved in the coverup, but also gave him significant leverage over these politicians. It also enabled him to “pardon” Secretary Clinton for her violation of the law regarding the highly classified materials she removed and disseminated from the US State Dept using a private email server, her actions to enrich herself and her family by extracting payment from other countries seeking favors from the US State Dept (including Russia/UraniumOne) and it also enabled Comey to ensure that the highly classified emails sent to Huma Abedin, a “Muslim Brotherhood Princess” using a laptop shared by her and her husband, Anthony Wiener, in violation of the national security act and US espionage laws would never be prosecuted.

We have reviewed the involvement of Preet Bharara and his associates in this coverup previously. So before we tie this into the #Russiagate/#RussianHacking conspiracy against President Trump, let’s look deeper into the organization that keeps popping up in all of these terrorist attacks, failed kidnappings and espionage activities against the United States: the Muslim Brotherhood.

We know the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, was convicted for his role in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

We know he was the spiritual and dynastic head of the Muslim Brotherhood. We know that the United States facilitated color and violent revolutions in four Arab nations that had outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood during President Obama’s term in office; Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria.

We know that President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Senator John McCain were instrumental in each of these efforts to effect regime change.

We know that John McCain’s deep personal involvement has effectively silenced all GOP opposition to the terrorist activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US Congress.

We know that FBI Director Comey, Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and others have facilitated the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood both in the United States and around the World. So what is the Muslim Brotherhood and what do they want with us?

The Muslim Brotherhood is a dynastic political organization that oversees, funds and directs Islamic Jihad organizations Worldwide, including al-Qaeda and ISIS. 

The organization was founded in Egypt in 1928 by by Hassan al-Banna, or at least that is what the history books and Wikipedia will tell you.

Hassan al-Banna’s real name is Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna, or Sheikh Rahman for short. Now where have we heard the name Sheikh Raman before? That’s right; there was an Egyptian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood named Sheikh Rahman that was responsible for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the very person that was the reason for the Benghazi attack & failed kidnapping attempt.

The “Blind Sheikh” was the dynastic successor to the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; the other Sheikh Rahman. Let’s learn more about the “Sheikh Rahman” founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. He founded the organization in 1928 at the age of 22. He was a fanatical supporter of Adolf Hitler and persistently wrote to Hitler to express his admiration and his desire for collaboration with Nazi Party.

Hitler reciprocated and helped Raham grow the Muslim Brotherhood with financial support. By the time Hitler was ready for war (c. 1938), the Muslim Brotherhood had grown from 200 to 200,000 members.

The Muslim Brotherhood not only joined with the Nazi party, the two largest SS Divisions were soley members of the Muslim Brotherhood; the Waffen-SS Handschar Divisions.

With headquaters in Cairo Egypt and Bucharest, the Muslim Brotherhood launched espionage operations against the United States, Russia and Great Britain in support of the 3rd Reich.

The espionage operations were supervised by General Reinhard Gehlen, the German army’s intelligence chief for the Eastern Front.

After the end of WWII, General Gehlen became the head of the West German BND and instrumental in the founding of the US CIA with other Nazis including Adolf Eichmann (who secretly worked directly for the CIA).

The spy networks of the 3rd Reich were never disbanded. The influence and activities of their Muslim Brotherhood agents, collecting intel and conspiring to advance the cause of Jihad continues to this day.

Please remember that 15 of the 19 al Qaeda terrorists responsible for the attacks of 911 were provided Visas by the CIA under a program developed by former Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) Station Chief John Brennan that rewarded al Qaeda fighters that participated in the Afghan war against the former Soviet Union.

I am sure that many of you have heard this famous speech by former President Eisenhower, Listen carefully:

What you may not realize is that just before leaving office, Eisenhower discovered that Operation Paperclip had recruited senior Nazis not only into the highest levels of the CIA, but into our nuclear, missile and DoD organizations.

There was another enterprising young officer recruited into the CIA during this time period that would later become President of the United States.

What many of you may not realize is that his father, Senator Prescott Bush was a Nazi collaborator.


Al Qaeda is Iraq is now known as ISIS. An organisation responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, Worldwide, for the cause of Jihad. An organization as brutal as the Waffen SS Handschar Divisions fielded by the Muslim Brotherhood under Hitler.

Clearly he could never be allowed to succeed, rolling back decades of progress of the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations.

Donald Trump could never be allowed to expose the truth about 911, Benghazi or ISIS.

Something had to be done. Initially spearheaded by the joint efforts of Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, with the assistance of the GOP, Brennan and Comey, #RussiaGate was born.

Initially intended to prevent Trump from receiving the GOP nomination, and then to keep him from winning the election against Clinton, #RussiaGate evolved into a campaign to discredit and get rid of Gen Flynn as Trump’s National Security Advisor and finally to its present objective, to destroy Donald Trump.


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