The Media Is A 5 Year Old Child

Spicy Sean Spier.png
“We’re gonna raise our hands like big boys and girls” – Commander Spicer 2017

I woke up this morning to screaming headlines that were all basically, “DADDY DADDY DADDY SEAN SPICER SAID HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG!”

By now my first reaction is to give ABC (and its excited siblings) a comforting pat on the head for telling on the bad man, then immediately investigate what Sean Spicer actually said.

Lo and behold. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had said, “Even someone as despicable as Hitler didn’t resort to using chemical weapons.” As an adult I understand Spicer meant specifically “on the battlefield” because the particular discussion at hand relates to this week’s story from Syria.

I’m probably being too simplistic, though. Considering mere hours later, the new headlines from the playpen include, “SEAN SPICER APOLOGISES FOR SAYING HITLER DIDN’T USE CHEMICAL WEAPONS”, I’m inclined to believe they’re shrewd as snakes.

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