The 2017 month long Ramadan Bombathon sets off with a blast!

It’s the celebration many having been waiting for!
Sure to light the skies! Not with fireworks but with explosions and the blood of the innocent… but who am I to judge? I wouldn’t want to be called racist and I acknowledge how lucky we are to have them culturally enrich our countries.

Now Ramadan is officially from the 27th of May to 24th of June[a], although many were so excited for the month long event that celebrations filled the week leading up to it. Here’s a quick rundown of the celebrations taking place by members of the Islamic faith over the last 7 days leading up to Ramadan (20-26 May).

Now give it up for the grand opening of Ramadan that left 18 people breathless!

You can thank for this large but incomplete list of… er… Islamic misunderstandings and don’t worry plenty of children were apart of the Islamic celebrations… or are at least in parts now…

The grand total of Islamic terrorist attacks in just the 7 days leading up to Ramadan was 205 killed and 348 injured.

Let’s take a look at the “celebration” that took headlines across the world at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Salman Abedi was identified as the muslim[a] nail-bomb suicide bomber that killed 22 and injured 119, many of which were children.[a] British born in 1994 from Libyan refugees[a] accepted by the UK. He built his bomb using taxpayer-funded student loans and other benefits. He received more than $18,000 in loans and benefits[a] even though he dropped out of college and instead spent his time in Libya learning how to make the destructive device. He wasn’t alone in the planning and execution in this as UK police have now made 11 arrests; two of whom have since been released without charge leaving nine men in custody.[a]

So what to take from this is, if a boy born and raised in the country that his refugee parents were saved by, was capable of killing 22 and injuring 119 people of that very same country that saved his parents; then what would a refugee fresh from the Arabic world be capable of?

A better question; how many children must die before we accept there is a problem?

One child is too many for the sake of virtue signalling yet we have hundreds.

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