Teen Vogue Editor will continue to promote “queer sex”

Teen Vogue positions itself (to advertisers) as the arbiter of taste and champion of female empowerment – specifically YOUNG women.

Teen Vogue

So why is the Digital Editorial Director, Phillip Picardi, doubling down after parents of teens objected to their “How to guide” for anal sex?

In fact, he’s not just doubling down. Picardi is having (pardon the pun) a Category 7 Shit Fit.

Their bumstunt is clearly not about “reproductive rights” and “risk reduction strategies”.

It sounds to me like Picardi is stuck in adolescence, a grown man leading a teen publication who’s bitter that his Catholic education didn’t include enough anal, and now he’s using Conde Nast’s Teen Vogue platform (with a reach of 3.4 million) to “arm young women with all they need” to take it up the clacker.

You may recognise another name on Teen Vogue’s masthead. Trashbag In Chief Elaine Welteroth who was recently held up as an icon of contemporary culture at Sydney Writer’s Festival is behind Teen Vogue’s sudden descent into depravity. So expect more and worse degeneracy from the “teen bible” as they continue the push to normalise, as Picardi puts it without a hint of irony, “queer sex and families”.

In the meantime, enjoy a good old fashioned book burning.




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