Response to #GoogleManifesto shows the rot starts at the head

Google staff reveal true colors

Google’s firing of James Damore has emboldened the tyrranical SJWs infesting Google at every level.

CEO Sundar Pichai makes it clear. People must feel free to express dissent…except if people don’t like your dissent then you’ll be fired. There is nothing in that memo that would make any sane, normal person feel threatened. Damore even goes so far as to assert “sexism is a problem”. Do you ever notice sexism and the presence of liberals are highly correlated?

Wondering what kind of people Google employs as engineers? Take a look at Kim Burchett, an open advocate for Antifa, who are basically domestic terrorists.

Kim Burchett Google Antifa

Kim Burchett Google Antifa

“Should inclusion on the list include something resembling a trial?” 

“Someone must have been telling lies about Joseph K., for without having done anything wrong he was arrested one fine morning.

“It has cost me at least two days of productivity and anger.” These people are pathetic.

When your employees describe themselves as “polyamorous queer autistic lesbian computer witches” and “gay communists” it’s time to take out the trash instead of firing PhD’s who shed light on your disgusting political bias.

Then again, Google’s head of “diversity and inclusion”, Danielle Brown, is tasked with the sole responsibility of reducing the number of straight white men employed by the tech giant.

She’s such a snake she won’t even link to the memo when distancing herself from it.

They also don’t NEED lists. They can just spy on wrongthinkers. 

Lucky for James Damore, he sought legal counsel and filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board before publishing his memo.

Enjoy your court case Google.

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