REPORT: Obama Had Secret Plan to Deploy US Military During 2016 Election 

We knew the Democrats silently supported AntiFa violence throughout the election cycle, but even as the left called for Martial Law, we were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” for suggesting the highest levels of power might support such a move. Well, we were right again.


Former President Barack Obama had a secret plan to deploy the United States military throughout the country should a cyber-attack successfully take-down the nation’s voting system on election day.

According to documents received by the New York Post, The Obama administration drafted a covert plan to deploy federal agents, the US military, and other personnel to voting stations around the country if international hackers –including Russian agents- were able to severely disrupt the US presidential election in 2016.

The 15-page report was compiled in the weeks before election day, motivated primarily by allegations of Russian intrusion in to the US electoral infrastructure; primarily voting booths and computer networks.

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