PRISM’s new editorial team is great news for the literary right  

The New PRISM editorial team getting ready to go out and be oppressed

PRISM International, a self-styled vanguard of “contemporary writing from Canada and the world”, has announced a new editorial team.

Yet another arts publication has fallen ill and the prognosis is not good. Early tests indicate late stage Social Justice cancer. PRISM’s prose editor Kyla Jamieson introduces herself:

if kyla were the meat in a sandwich, she’d be a thick slice of mediterranean chicken or something (she ain’t no shaved ham or some bullshit). if she were the bread, she’d be either a sourdough or a ciabatta, depending on the day. actually, she’d be the whole damn sandwich. and actually, she’d eat you and not the other way around.

My spine can’t take this level of cringe. What Social Justice Warriors like Jamieson fail to notice is their painfully self-aware conceits are now so passé she’s more like stale Wonder White except with less nutritional value. 

The future of literature looks bleak, which is great news for those of us looking forward to a new canon.

Source: PRISM international’s New Bones – PRISM international

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