Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks

Who Killed Seth Rich?

There are whispers coming out of Washington that big news is about to break regarding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. DC Police have claimed Rich’s death was a botched robbery but to date no arrests have been made. In fact, so little was done by the DC police that the family hired a private investigator.

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We are linking the following source as it has all the latest information on this case.

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See our interview with a cyber security expert. If this story comes to light it would be a major blow to the DNC who are heavily invested into the alleged Russian hacking narrative. Counter Collective interviewed a cyber security expert last week and the response have left us wondering if indeed the Russians did hack the DNC.

Interview with a pro government hacker

Ongoing coverage

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Major Update!!!!

One America News is covering the Seth Rich story in great detail!



URGENT: We call on Julian Assange verify if Seth Rich was the leaker and produce any correspondence to settle this matter once and for all! For the sake of his family for the sake of people in America, for the sake of the truth. We absolve Wikileaks of its source protection in this case. If Wikileaks does not provide this information the story will die and either doubt will remain or justice will be evaded. 


Rod Wheeler (Private Investigator for Seth Rich Family) on Fox News (Hannity)

    • Rod Wheeler hired by Rich Family. Fox has verified a copy of the signed contract by the family for Rod Wheelers services
    • Federal Investigator is source of revelations about Wikileaks / Seth Rich connections. Claims to have “laid eyes” on Rich’s computer & emails
    • Wikileaks discussion is shutdown by DC Police & FBI – Both sides are not cooperating with the investigation. 
    • Wheeler reached out to DC Police, but did not hear back for a few days. Wheeler was later informed by the Rich family that the Police department did not call him back because a “high ranking official at the DNC” was informed by the police department first. The DNC official then called the Rich family and wanted to know why Wheeler was “snooping around”
    • Seth was having problems at the DNC before his murder.


  • Person that called Seth’s father after Wheeler contacted the police (the high ranking official at the DNC) is the same person Seth was having problems with at work before his murder according to Wheeler.



Rod Wheeler on Lou Dobbs – Fox Business News



In typical Alinsky fashion the left is turning its attack on the private investigator who broke the story yesterday. Beside all the proof that points to Rich being the leaker.

Attack on Wheeler



Wikileaks tweets another Seth Rich story by Fox affiliated OKCFOX


Wikileaks retweets Fox News Story


Interesting observations being made online at the moment.



“Notice how BuzzFeed’s story about Bauman’s denial does not even mention that Bauman has close ties to the Democratic Party?”


Buzzfeed: DNC spin doctor refuting Seth Rich/Wikileaks connection on Buzzfeed

DNC PR Agent resurfaces to shut down Seth Rich Wikileaks Links claim on Buzzfeed. Same PR Agent was assigned with shutting down original claims after the murder of Seth Rich:


Reports indicate FBI had knowledge of Seth Rich’s emails to Wikileaks, if so why did the FBI allow unfounded allegations of Russia hacking the DNC to continue in the public?

“FBI forensic report — generated within 96 hours after DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder — detailing the contents Rich’s computer said he made contact with WikiLeaks”


Fox News Reports: 

“The federal investigator, who requested anonymity, said 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, were transferred from Rich” to Wikileaks.

Breaking: Laura Ingraham on Seth Rich



Breitbard Reports:

Malia Zimmerman of Fox News writes that murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich “leaked thousands of internal [DNC] emails to WikiLeaks” and that the FBI is in possession of their correspondence.

“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,”


Fox News confirms sources from DC police told Fox News they where told to stand down on the Seth Rich investigation “its going nowhere”. Live from Fox and friends.


Fox “We are going to keep hunting this”


Washington Times

Rod Wheeler, a former homicide detective with the Washington, D.C., force — whose face was made famous while serving as a television pundit during the O.J. Simpson trial — offered up some interesting news about the recently murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich that went like this: He was “absolutely” emailing WikiLeaks.


Drudge and Fox have picked up the story.

Fox News


Police report says that Seth Rich was found breathing by police after being shot in the back.


Source GreatestWall @ T_D

So let’s go over the evidence


Geraldo Rivera – Was Seth Rich Murdered for Being DNC leaker? (August 2016)

We thought we would also take a trip down twitter memory lane


Julian Assange retweets the breaking article not long after its release

Original article

Break story here



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