London Under Attack Again…(Live Updates)

Reports this morning of multiple “incidents” in London. This is the world our leaders have picked for us. Police are treating as a terror attack. 

Confirmed five men with weapons ran over pedestrians, got out and started attacking people. Two of the men have been shot dead and three are still at large.

Get realtime updates below.

Run… Hide… Tell…

Live feed by Fox

Reminder from London’s mayor:



British police are responding to three emergency incidents in London on Saturday night – one on London Bridge involving a van, a knife attack at Borough Market and a third in Vauxhall. – See more at:–incident-.html#sthash.SOUkBv0o.dpuf 


New video showing police entering a bar and shouting at patrons to “get down”


  • Police responded to reports that a van hit a number of pedestrians on London Bridge in central London just after 10pm local time. 
  • Armed officers are responding to another incident at Borough Market nearby.
  • A third at Vauxhall is unfolding.
  • Shots have been fired after police responded to reports of stabbings. 
  • Police have told people in the vicinity to run, hide and turn their phones on silent.

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