King’s College bows down to anti-white hate

King’s College London to swap  portraits of some of its founding fathers with ethnic minorities and women amid pressure from students, a dean says. The plans to move portraits of former faculty staff from the main entrance wall and replace them with more BME scholars are being implemented by the world famous Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, following concern among academics that current teaching is too “intimidating” for ethnic minorities.

What better example that ethnic minorities can’t rise to the standards of white society? That’s racist, I hear you gasp. Well, stop clutching your pearls. One of two things is true. Either A) I’m correct and ethnic minorities (and apparently women) can’t live up to white standards, or B) I’m wrong and a small group of politically motivated activists is pushing to dismantle the symbols of white history to demoralise us in order to make the takeover of our nations faster and easier. I hope I’m wrong, because then at least our situation will be reversible.

Anyone who thinks white erasure ends with a few statues and paintings is fooling themselves. How long until the mere presence of white citizens is too “intimidating” for these (probably fake) snowflakes? They know exactly what they’re doing and they won’t stop until whites are a minority in their own countries. And even then, as we see in South Africa, new notions of “White Capital” will come to dominate the narrative until violent ethnic cleansing (rather than mere genocide via displacement) is advocated.

The mainstream media will keep framing these assaults as great virtuous strides toward “diversity and inclusion” but that only ever means one thing: fewer whites.

Source: Top UK university to swap portraits of bearded white scholars with wall of diversity

Kings College Hate
Sir Frederick Mott (L) and Sir Henry Maudsley founded the Institute of Psychiatry in 1924

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