Is ShareBlue covering up the Seth Rich murder?

The first thing I noticed this morning was the co-ordinated effort to make Seth Rich’s murder look like a “vast right wing conspiracy”.


Seth Rich


These are the exact same tactics employed by Clinton’s vast network of ShareBlue-powered bots and shills throughout the 2016 US election. It seems I’m not the only one to notice. Every subreddit, especially r/conspiracy is being brigaded, and a user pointed out a ton of red flags earlier today:

“Red Flags –

1) The Seth Rich story was coming back around thanks to Awan Story

2) Seth Rich now linked to the term”conspiracy theory”

3) The term “conspiracy theorist” is now linked to Trump

4) Story hits top of page calling a conspiracy that most in this sub already subscribed to, a hoax.

5) Same story from different sites hits the front page of this sub 4X times

6) Most linked to MSM sites, where the titles suggest the entire Seth Rich case was made up

7) The story itself suggests that the entire story was made up by Trump, which I know is not true because I followed George Webb for months before Fox ever made mention of it.

8) Images such as this (examples seen in this sub as well today) –

The exact same conversation from the people saying it’s all a Fox/Trump Hoax. If I ever believed something and I saw an image like this “confirming my beliefs”, I would immediately stop talking, unplug and reconsider everything about it. Internally. Using your own intuition and common sense.

These are pure red flags. Don’t get lost in the hype. This is proactive damage control from the inevitable Awan story. A distraction as well.

It’s really going to muddy the waters with all of this “dis-credibility” from every angle. However, I do think that it will end up biting them in the ass by reenergizing the story. If something happens, like Wikileaks can prove Rich was the leaker, then this could be a huge issue for the shills trying to cover this murder up. That’s my hope at least..

To all the shills – I’m not a trump supporter, I don’t sub to T_D, I simply want the truth to come out about the murder of Seth Rich. We know what happened, and the public was about to get red pilled if the truth ever came out.”



I’d like to remind the mainstream media of the definition of a conspiracy theory:

“A theory seeking to explain a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual or isolated act.”

Seth Rich was murdered. The official story was a “robbery gone wrong”. Nothing was taken from his body.

Anyone claiming his unsolved murder is a “hoax” is now complicit in covering up the crime.



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