Iraq War: Bid to prosecute Tony Blair rejected by High Court 

Tony Blair

The High Court has blocked an attempt to bring a private prosecution against Tony Blair over the Iraq War.

Former Iraqi general Abdul Wahed Shannan Al Rabbat alleged the former prime minister committed “the crime of aggression” by invading Iraq in 2003.

Court ruled there was “no prospect” of the case succeeding.

No such crime exists in England and Wales.

2003: UK joined US-led coalition to overthrow Saddam Hussein after Bush and Blair accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction.

2016: Chilcot Report rules UK’s Iraq War not “last resort” .

Blair overstated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.

Michael Mansfield QC, appearing for Mr Al Rabbat, argued the report justified the prosecution of Mr Blair.

Findings of the Chilcot Report concluded Saddam Hussein did not pose an urgent threat to the interests of the UK.

Intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction had been presented with “unwarranted certainty”.


Source: Iraq War: Bid to prosecute Tony Blair rejected by High Court – BBC News

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