Google’s Diversity Controversy Mocked

The posters were plastered onto bus-stop benches and behind glass looking like official advertisements.The politics of Google has been in the spotlight since the online giant seemingly fired an employee for challenging liberal orthodoxy.

It’s a situation tailor-made for Sabo, and the conservative street artist struck before the sun rose on Friday, plastering the Venice area of Los Angeles, all around some offices where Google and its YouTube unit reside, with disparaging posters in some very hard-to-reach areas.

The posters, some of them exceedingly large and very high up, some plastered onto bus-stop benches, some behind glass looking like official advertisements, contrast Google with Apple, distorting the latter’s catchphrase to suggest that thinking different at Google won’t produce world-changing products, it will get you fired.

Continue: Google’s Diversity Controversy Mocked in Street Art Near Office | Hollywood Reporter

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