Generation Identitaire raising funds to continue naval blockades of ships collecting migrants from mainland Africa: “We will defend our land”

Following the Generation Identitaire anti-NGO action on Friday, May 12 in Catania which involved Rebel Media reporter Lauren Southern (video below), members started a fundraising Defend Europe campaign ( to raise funds to continue their work.

Who are Generation Identitaire? From their site[a]: “Generation IDENTITY is a diffuse movement in most regions of Italy, through a series of militants sections. We are still structuring new areas of the peninsula, so if you are interested but can not find a nearby section, contact us as soon as possible. You can still join Generation IDENTITY and create a section with acquaintances or people in your area already affected, with whom we keep in touch.” They currently have militant sections active in Bergamo, Brescia, Milan, Modena, Sardinia and Turin. — This site is also where we first picked up this story. Link[a].

The following article from Il Giornale[a] was translated by FouseSquawk on Gates of Vienna[a] and will give you the run-down on what took place that night.

Migrants — Blitz against NGO: Identitaires block ship that goes to Libya

The demonstration by some militants from Generation Identitaire. They place themselves with a boat in front of an NGO ship. Cleared away by Coast Guard.

A blitz in all respects which for a time blocked a ship for SOS Mediterranee, one of the NGOs most active in the recovery of migrants along the coast of Libya.

The action against the NGO

The action took place last night and was accomplished with a lifeboat placed in front of the Aquarius. In the video published online by Lauren Southern, the militants of Generation Identitaire can be seen lighting smoke from the their small boat and singing, “No more illegal immigration.” The Aquarius begins its exit from the port, but the Identitaires block the way. “Get in front. They have to stop,” says someone from the small boat while the enormous rescue boat can be seen advancing, on which are also volunteers from Doctors Without Borders. After a few instants, a voice is heard shouting with a megaphone. It is not clear if it is from the Coast Guard or the NGO: “Get out of the way.”

“A little while ago,” wrote the authors of the action on social media, “activists from Generation Identitaire Italy and Identitaire Movement Austria together with the journalist Lauren Southern, at the port of Catania, equipped with a boat, blocked the ship Aquarius as it tried to sail toward the coast of Libya in attempt to take on more illegal immigrants for our ethnic substitution.

Obviously within a short time the Coast Guard intervenes to remove the blockade and permit the activists from SOS Mediterranee to resume. “Peacefully, but with firmness,” continues Generation Identitaire, “we conducted this action to protest against the mass replacement of our people, but also against the absurd deaths at sea that this NGO causes by increasing the illusion of a non-existent Eldorado. All this happens daily in the Mediterranean, and we have said, ‘Enough’. No more disembarkations, no more silent genocide against the Europeans, no more deaths at sea. The Coast Guard, according to what was reported by the boys via Twitter, kept them in custody for a few hours and then released them.

That was a perspective from the media but here we have a video from Rebel Media reporter Lauren Southern on scene.

Il Giornale decided to interview GID President Lorenzo Fiato, who took part in this event against the NGO’s “SOS Mediterranee” Aquarius ship, and told reporters the motivations that pushed Generation Identitaire to act in defense of Italy And Europe.

The following article is from Il Giornale[a] (video below).

The watchwords are: identity, land, ethnicity and tradition. And who knows who were inspired last Friday when they attacked the ship of Aquarius NGO “SOS Mediterranée” , preventing it from going to recover migrants off Libya. Perhaps they thought to Carlo Martello, Leonidas or the Polish king Jan III Sobieski, who in 1683 broke the siege of the Turks in Vienna and saved the West from the Islamic conquest.

All historical figures which ” identity ” reserve a special place in their ideological Pantheon. Having become heroes for defending their land from invaders. As happens today: “Every week, every hour, every second, charges of illegal ships, sailing towards the borders of Europe – says in a propaganda video Clément Galant, French militant – The invasion is underway.” A real achievement, supported by proponents of open borders.

Among them, they say, there are NGOs that for two years patrolling the coasts of Libya and ferrying migrants in Italy . “We want to expose those who cooperate with smugglers to steal desperate by poverty,” says Mario Müller, German activist. How? Simple: by putting them spoke in the propellers. Last week, a dozen activists from all over Europe have dropped to Pozzallo, they rented a small boat and cut the road to preventing humanitarian ship set sail from the port of Catania until the Coast Guard has intercepted them.

The NGO SOS Mediterranée immediately pointed the finger at “four demonstrators belonging to movements xenophobic “. Yet behind Generating IDENTITY there is much more: an international movement, with sections scattered in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Born in 2003 in France, the militants themselves democratic, patriotic, non-partisan and Europeans. Never racist. “Being a young identity means giving a value to our culture – Wind ear – and make sure that it does not disappear” under the weight of migration and admixture: “Is multiculturalism the problem, too different groups each other can not exist in same place “.

The rest of the program smells nouvelle droite . Their enemies are “all those who have decided to support mass immigration”: the world trade union, the Catholic Church and the antagonism fascism. Not only consider the refugee crisis as “the largest ever filed income business to the detriment of the peoples in Europe “; They denounce “the integration deceit”; and warn of the danger of a “Big Unit” ethnic, where the identities of nations are “uprooted” in favor of multiculturalism, globalism and liberalism. Finally, they are patriotic but not nationalistic ( “because it is an ideology that has divided the States”); consider the Old Continent a common house, while retaining proudly local identities, regional and national; and propose “remigrazione”, namely the closure of borders, the expulsion of foreign criminals, the increase of returns and the limitation to the construction of mosques.

“We must stem the consequences of mass immigration supported by NGOs,” noted Wind decided. For this generation IDENTITY launched an online fundraising entitled “Defend Europe” . Defending Europe. In order to accumulate enough money to rent a boat and challenge the NGOs on their field: the central Mediterranean . “We want to recruit a crew – explains Philipp Huemer, Austria – arm a ship and set sail to hunt down our enemies.” The “patriotic fleet” would impede rescue operations of humanitarian organizations in Sar off Tripoli. And if “the immigration army is funded by governments and major donors, hundreds of thousands of euro”, IDENTITY Generation resort to crowdfunding to support the expenses of missions off . They need at least 50 thousand euro. Many, but in a week has already collected 21 thousand euro in funding. Not bad. The propeller can get going. “Our future is under attack,” says Wind. “But we do not arretriamo: defend our land.”

The Patriotic Flood Fights at NGOs is born

A group of kids raises funds to equip ships against the NGOs that ferry migrants: “We will defend our land”

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