French Presidential Election – Second (Final) Round Live Results

The second and final round of the French Presidential Election is set to take off this Sunday (7th May) between socialist candidate Emmanuel Macron and nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen who scored 23.9% and 21.4%[1], respectively.

Over the days leading up to the final round Emmanuel Macron has been under fired regarding the leaking of his emails and emails of those close to him in the campaign, dating as far back as the year 2000. Emmanuel Macron’s campaign claims[2] to have been the victim of a hacking attack. Members of anonymous claimed responsibility for the obtaining of emails and claim it was leaked from inside the campaign.

Major things found in the emails include the purchase of illegal drugs being shipped to the parliament building[3]involvement in election rigging[4] and plans for the complete eradication of French culture, including re-writing history books to erase the French from them[5]. More can be read about what has been found in these emails over at major global think-tanks such at reddit’s second most active subreddit /r/The_Donald and the think-tank claiming responsibility /pol/.

How this leak/ hack will affect the election this Sunday is still up for speculation as French media have a mandatory 48-hour political blackout leading up to the election. Tell us how you think this will shape the election in the comments below.

So now keep an eye on the timer and watch the results as they come in. Due to the embedded countdown not working during the first round, we will include an independent countdown.

Livestream video and chat embedded from RuptlyTV on YouTube (Removed)
Livestream video embedded from France 24 English on YouTube
Results embedded from
Cover image from Financial Times
Archive [1] ~ May 07, 2017
Archive [2] ~ May 07, 2017
Archive [3] ~ May 07, 2017
Archive [4] ~ May 07, 2017
Archive [5] ~ May 07, 2017

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8 thoughts on “French Presidential Election – Second (Final) Round Live Results”

    1. It’s ok. The “communist black block/AtiFa won’t riot…they got the globalist Rothschild banker they wanted. Yet another reason to believe they’re just the paramilitary wing of the establishment.

    1. I’m still waiting for that special prosecutor Trump promised. If none of them go to jail, we’ll probably see a revolution.

    1. I saw Buzzfeed published an article trying to get the public not to look at the contents. I totally agree with you but my biggest problem talking to normies is most people still have no concept of “globalism”. They still view that word as largely a “right wing conspiracy”.

  1. So, we’re supposed to believe this was a fair election when the figure of 65% for Macron came out 2 minutes after the polls closed, and remains the same hours afterward? I think not, this election was rigged, no question.

    1. We know Obama’s CIA spied on the 2012 French election, so I’m certain global intelligence meddled with this one too. Plus, Like the US, we’ve seen evidence of voter fraud. I suspect Le Pen will come back stronger next time, perhaps to victory, but who knows what the left might do to France’s demographics. That’s the biggest threat now. They could keep the right from ever winning another election if they flood the country with migrants.

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