How Facebook’s fake news protects alleged pedophiles

The Hollywood Reporter announces Bryan Singer was fired from Bohemian Rhapsody for fighting with the lead.

MSN publishes the story.

Facebook makes the MSN story trend.

Millions of people now think Singer was fired for being “unprofessional” rather than the fact that he’s gone into hiding because Michael Egan alleges Singer raped him as a child.

We know from the Weinstein revelations that these Hollyood moguls employ all kinds of dirty tactics to make inconvenient information (and possibly people) “disappear”.

Want further proof? Compare the incorrectly spelled “Brian Singer” search results on Reddit to the narrative being spun by fake news mainstream media. The correct spelling is Bryan, which presents an imperfect, but much cleaner image of the suspect.

Whether intentional or not, Facebook’s trending topics continue to cause more harm than good by amplifying false or misleading information.

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