BREAKING: Russian Troll Farm Was OBAMA Op To Distract From PODESTA/Mercury Selling Oil Territory… to RUSSIA!

By Highresthought, edited by Counter Collective which includes the addition of hyperlinks and [commentary]. 

I made a post recently about how Mercury Group and Podesta Group were lobbying for Russia to give them Iraq’s Oil. You can read that here

Now I’m going to present you a rather long read that will prove conclusively that the Russian Trolls and Trump dossier were just a way to divert attention when Hillary won, and that the Russian trolls were in fact created and directed by the Obama admin.

*Bear with me on this long ass post it’s worth it. This could sink the Democrats if it gets enough attention.*

Here’s the tldr:

  • Podesta and Mercury Group were lobbying for pro-Russian Ukraine (the staging point for Russian oil interests in Iraq) at the same time. In the summer of 2013, Russia started the Internet Research Agency [IRA].
  • Leaked documents revealed the IRA to be controlled by Concord Energy Holdings.
  • The CEO of Concord Energy Holdings is Mathew Flavin.
  • Flavin served the Obama White House on the National Security Council.
  • Flavin was also Deputy Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

What exactly would make Hillary Clinton’s campaign think Trump was colluding with Russia way before any FBI evidence came out about any of his associates to be paying for compiling a dossier?

Let me explain to you why they did that.

Russia was working hand in hand with Mercury Group and Podesta Group/Manafort.

Russia fully expected Hillary to win, as did everyone else.

The gameplan was for Hillary to win, and then leak the Trump dossier and have everyone go, “whew we dodged a bullet Trump was probably colluding with the Russians”.

Then all the Facebook trolling etc would be revealed and they would say look, “Russia wanted Trump to win!”

This would allow Podesta Group and Mercury Group to continue to receive money for lobbying and make investments in Russian energy companies who are currently starting to dominate Iraq and the Arctic.

Why exactly do you think Russia cares about Donald Trump or who we have as president?

The sanctions were tremendously helpful to Russia. American companies were unable to compete and gave Russia a total domination of large energy territories.

The reasons to suddenly do all this wild trolling in America are:

a) to sell the idea that the “sanctions” must continue, and

b) to divert attention away from the Mercury Group/Podesta Group pro-Russia lobbying.

This is why Obama said he would have “more flexibility [with Russia] after the elections” in 2012. [Caught on hot mic, see video:]

Where do you think Russia got these ideas about trolling and how to market massively in America?

They learned media from Omnicom (the owner of Mercury Group) [who also own] Ketchum, Putin’s personal PR firm [allegedly].

Guess when they created the Russian troll Internet Research Agency? 2013, the same time as Mercury, Podesta Group, and Manafort were lobbying for pro-Russian Ukraine.

According to journalists’ investigations, the office in Olgino was named as Internet Research Agency Ltd. (Russian: ООО «Агентство интернет-исследований»).[3][8] The company was founded in the summer of 2013.

And guess who helped create the Internet Research Agency for Russia as found out by anonymous international? A U.S. oil and energy company called Concord Holdings.

“In late May 2014, the hacker group Anonymous International began publishing documents received from hacked emails of Internet Researches Agency managers.”

Russian media point out that according to documents, published by hackers from Anonymous International, Concord is directly involved with trolling administration through the agency. Researchers cite e-mail correspondence, in which Concord gives instructions to trolls and receives reports on accomplished work. According to journalists’ information, Concord organized banquets in the Kremlin and also cooperated with Voentorg and the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Based on the documents published by Anonymous International, Concord Holdings was linked to the funding of several media outlets in Ukraine and Russia, including Kharkiv News Agency, News of Neva, Newspaper About Newspapers, Business Dialog, and Journalist Truth.

Who is the CEO of concord holdings?

“Matthew Flavin currently serves as CEO at Concord Energy Holdings. Before joining Concord, he was Senior Vice President at Energy Corporation of America (ECA). During Matt’s time at ECA, he was in charge of international business and led the company’s acquisition and divestiture activities – successfully closing over $425 million in transactions. Matt also served as ECA’s acting Chief Financial Officer.

*Before working in the energy sector, Matt served at the White House on the National Security Council. He also worked as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. * Prior to his work in the White House, Matt was the Co-lead for Special Operations on the Defense Transition Team in 2008.

So yes, Tony Podesta is going to be under arrest. There is a reason he resigned from his firm.

Paul Manafort was the lackey/fall guy for Mercury and Podesta Group.

Mercury is owned by the second largest advertiser in the world, Omnicom, whose [subsidiary] Ketchum was Vladimir Putin’s inner circle PR firm.

“Industry publication PRWeek reports that Russia has spent $115 million on Western PR firms since 2000, with most going to the U.S. firm Ketchum, a division of Omnicom.”

Podesta Group is known for selling to clients the fact that Tony’s brother John had access to Hillary and Obama, and John and Tony met for dinner every Sunday. [Following their mother’s example of wielding DC influence over the dinner table].

It goes a lot deeper than Ukraine.

Podesta Group and Mercury Group helped create the conditions for Putin to gain control of Iraq’s oil and energy as well as the oil in the Arctic.

If you read the economic sanctions against Russia that Hillary Clinton’s State Department put in place, they place “certain financial restrictions” on and make it illegal for American companies to export to Russia or Russian territories or do oil business anywhere that Russia is doing business. It then specifically allows financial investment in Russian companies.

This allowed Russia to have a monopoly on Iraqi oil and Artic Oil as American companies can not legally operate on the same turf.

Ukraine is the staging point for business with Iraq. The embassy for Iraq in Ukraine is located in Kiev, where the “European Centre for a Modern Ukraine”, a Brussels-based organization sympathetic to Yanukovich and his political party, has paid $560,000 to Weber’s firm, Mercury, and another $900,000 to Podesta Group Inc, for a total outlay of $1.46 million, according to a U.S. Senate database.

Ukraine is close to Iraq and incidentally a massive Russian/Pakistani-owned Moscow-based energy conglomerate (coincidentally, the CEO of Mercury Group in New York speaks fluent Russian and is Russian-born) named Mercury GC was awarded the contract for supplying all of Iraq in 2013, the exact same time as the Manafort money laundering occurred along with Podesta Group and Mercury receiving large sums of money.

Both Podesta Group and Mercury Group have accounts on the Cayman Islands and it is highly likely they received much more money from Ukraine/Russia than the amounts they received for lobbying activity on the congressional record.

Hot damn ‘pedes, they made an entire Russian troll farm just to divert attention from their activities, set up Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination and made a dossier, then got BTFO when Trump actually won the election!!!

Spirit-cooking Super Freak John Podesta, as seen in his leaked emails

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