Austrian President: ALL women should cover up

Last year the left celebrated Alexander Van der Bellen’s Austrian election win as a vote for “equality”. It turns out “equality” means submission to Islam. 

Watch as he shamelessly confirms “there will come a day we have to ask EVERY woman to wear a headscarf” out of “solidarity” with those who wear it for religious purposes. 

True classical liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and many others have been warning for years that we can’t deny the reality of Islamisation i.e. the growth of institutionalised Islam in the west. 

Our concerns are constantly dismissed as irrational fear mongering. Now a European head of state is blatantly admitting a future of submission. 

It’s best the west heeds another warning. This current pendulum swing represented by Farage, Trump, Hofer, Le Pen et al. is nothing compared to what will follow if the left keep radicalising, denying problems, and misleading the public about reasonable opposition. 

If globalist cucks thought Hofer was far right, just wait until they experience the opposition in the next election, when Van der Bellen’s grubby green mitts are done with Austria. 

Hofer is a guy who describes himself as an “admirer of Margaret Thatcher”, yet Michael Toner described him in International Business Times as a “neo-fascist“. Where do you go from that level of hysteria? Toner should stick to fiction. 

Remember, in 2007 Austria lowered the federal voting age to 16. The New Right is overwhelmingly comprised of young voters (the majority of French youth who intend to vote rather than throw their toys out of the cot support Le Pen).

Austria’s left is in for a right hook that will knock them out for decades to come. Mark my words.  






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