AmRen Views Skyrocket After YouTube Censorship

Google Jared Taylor and you’ll be met with countless (erroneous) hit pieces labelling the academic a “white supremacist”, but Taylor earned the label merely for daring to be born white and shedding light on taboo truths (with signature cool restraint).

YouTube recently declared his content “verboten” and put his videos in a sort of digital concentration camp – no comments, no voting, no recommendations. His video on race and IQ even has a warning for all who dare to cross the threshold to the dark world of hate facts. According to YouTube, minorities need to be protected from scientific debate, as if they’re somehow less intellectually equipped to deal with the subject matter than, say, Europeans.

Jared Taylor AmRen Youtube Warning





Well…the censorship has backfired. Spectacularly.

YouTube is infested with the same Social Justice ideologues as its parent company Google, so I don’t expect the crackdown on content to abate any time soon. In fact I believe they will get more tyrannical in order to avoid admitting mistakes and ceding ground in the culture wars.


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