Eiffel Tower artist’s body of work depicts rape and massacre of whites

Late last year Vice gave a glowing review of the new Eiffel Tower mural while lionizing the artist as if he’s achieved some heroic feat. 

The 500-square-meter ‘Endless Sleep’ painting sits directly underneath the iconic landmark. The first mural ever painted underneath the Eiffel tower has been completed, and American artist Cleon Peterson lived to tell the tale.

The artist’s statement is awash with the usual post-modernist word salad, replete with meaningless, establishment-approved buzzwords (duality, union, otherness, change etcetera etcetera). And it’s no surprise the Vice review is equally as vapid (it used a lot of paint, it’s very big, it took a long time).

The shallowness of this whole spectacle isn’t the most offensive thing about it though. The choice of artist is. That Peterson’s body of work even passes for art is laughable. That it almost entirely depicts the rape and massacre of whites is abhorrent.


Full review on Vice: Here It Is, the First Mural Ever Painted Beneath the Eiffel Tower – Creators

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