Mainstream Media Exploits Xavier Jugele’s Death

Etienne Cardiles, the partner of French police officer Xavier Jugele who was killed by ISIS last week, has delivered a heartfelt eulogy in Paris. The mainstream media wasted no time using the story to trash Le Pen. 

Cardiles said he refuses to hate the attackers. “Let’s all stay worthy and let’s keep the peace…I don’t have hate, Xavier, because it’s not like you,” Cardiles said. “It’s not what’s in your heart.” 

A mere five hours after this statement, Associated Press published another article (via NY Daily News) repeating Macron’s assertion that “Le Pen’s platform is based on hatred”. Quelle surprise! 

Note the time difference:

Anyone with the ability to recognise patterns can see France has a problem. The attack that took Xavier Jugele’s life was the 5th Islamic terror attack in France this year. It doesn’t require any hatred to offer solutions to terrorism. Quite the opposite. You lock your doors, not because you hate the people outside, but because you love the people inside. 

We also know from experience Associated Press has established a pattern of supporting the globalist left. You need only browse the AP News politics feed to see their totally obvious attacks are only ever aimed in one direction: right.  

So despite a temporary “mourning truce” between the two candidates, it’s no surprise the propaganda machine continues firing rounds on behalf of their neoliberal posterboy Macron. 

It’s quite an apt metaphor for the state of world politics actually: the “principled” establishment feigns diplomacy while its proxies open fire on the voice of the people literally being gunned down in the street. 


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