Bill Nye The Pervert Guy: Gender Is A Spectrum

22 years ago, Fake Scientist Bill Nye correctly explained to the world’s children that chromosomes define gender. Now he’s trying to convince children gender is a spectrum and sex with anyone is “progressive and enlightened”. 

Last week, he released this “rap video” on his Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves The World. Watch a tone-deaf Rachel Bloom wax lyrical about her “sex junk”, anal, masturbation, bi sex and more. 

Nye explains, “By three or four, most kids identify with their gender. And it doesn’t always match the gender they were assigned at birth.” The left continues to indoctrinate children using this faulty premise that gender is “assigned”.

“It should be up to you. Sure that makes things confusing for those who insist that everyone pick an F or an M, but people, we have to listen to the science. And the science says we are all on a spectrum.”

Bill Nye: Sex how you want it, it's your goddamn right

Again, Nye The Science Guy doesn’t cite any science. Human beings are a sexually dimorphic species. The science on transgenderism – the idea that one exists in a physical body of the wrong gender – is far from settled. Everything we’re seeing in academia and Hollywood stems directly from gender theory written, reviewed, and promoted by radical gender ideologues.

He even demonises the idea of “vanilla” sex using animated ice cream as a metaphor. You know how the left hates the idea of “conversion therapy”? Well apparently its okay when you’re converting someone to bisexual orgies.


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