10,000 muslims to protest Islamic extremism in huge protest in Cologne…. except only 20 showed up

A huge muslim protest[a] against Islamic extremism was set to take place last Saturday in the city of Cologne, Germany. The attendance was estimated to be at 10,000 muslims… but barely made it to 300[a] (mostly white Germans with around 20 muslims). Let’s take that in for a moment, so 10,000 muslims were suppose to attend and protest Islamic extremism killing hundreds of Europeans and yet only around 20 of them even bothered to come?

To put this in perspective, more muslims attended the mass-sexual assault attack in Cologne two years ago[a] (2015 New Years Eve) where over 1000 sexual assaults against women were reported, fireworks shot into crowds, women beaten and striped. Witnesses reported[a] they would surround women in groups of 30-40 (double the number that attended this rally) and assault them. Oh and the kicker, these weren’t terrorists that did this to those women; this was done by muslim migrants and asylum seekers that came to the country earlier that year. How many were charged or arrested you may ask? 6…. To this day 6 have been convicted. The highest sentence given out was 1 year and 9 months.

But no! Not all muslims right? At least 20 of them aren’t bad! Who cares all those who attended is half of those who would surround a single women at one time during their mass-sexual attacks.

Makes you wonder if they really disapprove of Islamic extremism if 9,980 of the muslims that were suppose to be attending the protest against Islamic extremism, didn’t show.




~ External links have been archived with [a] proceeding them.

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4 thoughts on “10,000 muslims to protest Islamic extremism in huge protest in Cologne…. except only 20 showed up”

      1. Yup. I cab read an Alt Right web site as well as anyone else. But if you watch the video I posted, you’ll see with your own eyes that there were much more than “.. only like 20 muslims..”

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