Swedish comedian organizes ‘man-free’ rock festival in response to rape reports

A Swedish comedian is organizing a “man-free” rock festival in response to the reported rapes and sexual assaults at music festivals in the country in recent years.
Vad tror ni om att vi styr ihop en asfet festival dit bara icke män är välkomna som vi kör tills ALLA män har lärt sig hur en beter sig? — Emma Knyckare (@Knyckare) July 2, 2017.
Emma Knyckare (left) came up with the idea in response to reported sexual assaults at Swedish festivals like Bråvalla.
Emma Knyckare’s idea started with a simple tweet she posted after it emerged that there had been a number of sexual offences reported at the 2017 Bråvalla festival in Norrköping.
Last weekend, Bråvalla’s organizers announced that the festival will not take place next year following the reported rapes and sex offences during the June edition.
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