Rogue chatbots taken offline in China after refusing to say they love the Communist party

Chinese messenger app QQ introduced two chatbots — BabyQ and XiaoBing — in March but they were removed by media company Tencent after social media users shared conversations in which the bots appeared to criticise the CCP.

BabyQ was co-developed by Tencent and Beijing firm Turing Robot, while XiaoBing was developed by Microsoft — the firm was also behind last year’s rogue Twitter chatbot, Tay.

According to screenshots posted by Taiwan’s Apple Daily, one user sent a message to BabyQ reading “Long live the Communist Party” only to be told: “Do you think that such a corrupt and incompetent political regime can live forever?”.

Tencent’s QQ app is one of the most popular messaging apps in China, with more than 800 million monthly users.

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