Head of Liberal Berlin Mosque Receives Death Threats

Ms. Ates, a Kurdish Muslim born in Turkey, blames the Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, saying Erdoğan supporters were behind the daily death threats, Kronen Zeitung reports.
“On social media, I have received so many death threats because of the establishment of the mosque that the National Criminal Police Office has come to believe that I have to protect myself around the clock,” Ates said.
Diyanet, the Turkish government’s religious authority, immediately slammed Ates and her mosque accusing the founders of being close to the Gulen movement who they blame for the attempted coup last summer.
Ates said she believes the Turkish government wants to shut down the mosque because of its liberal interpretation of Islam, and associating her with the Gulen movement is a way to intimidate her and others.
The female founder of a new “liberal” mosque in Berlin has found herself under 24-hour police protection after receiving over a hundred death threats.
In Australia, Imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi has commented on recent Islamic terror attacks saying it was multiculturalism that was to blame for Islamic radicalisation.

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