Dokora Says Zimbabwe Is A Muslim Country Since Independence

In March Dokora ranked Islam as the nation’s first religion in 1980 while placing Christianity at number 4. He even claimed Islam is the nation’s designated religious faith. 

Two weeks later while speaking at a function in Norton, Dokora used the word, “peace” a direct antonym of “war” to reflect what people would face if they reject his new controversial curriculum in which Islam was originally listed as the first national religion at independence.

As his new curriculum has flopped countrywide, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Lazarus Dokora has stood by his comments that Islam was Zimbabwe’s first religion in 1980.

Dokora claimed to parents and teachers that at independence in 1980, Islam was Zimbabwe’s first religion also calling it the nation’s “re-designated indigenous religion.”
Speaking on the day, Dokora listed the Islamic religion as number one for Zimbabwe while pushing Christianity down to number 4..

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