355,000 Swedish pensioners below the poverty line

It is figures from Eurostat that show that hundreds of thousands of older Swedes, namely 355,000 pensioners, live below what is considered to be the poverty line.
It is completely unworthy of Swedish society and the elderly who have been involved and built up the welfare, “says Christina Rogestam, outgoing chairman of SPF Seniors, one of Sweden’s largest senior organizations, for your money.
According to Rogestam, poor retirees risk becoming isolated and out of society because they can not afford to participate in social activities or to buy certain things.
Older people in Sweden are at greater risk of living as poor retirees.
This is a sharp increase from 2005, when only 10.1 percent lived below the poverty line.
As many as 355,000 are already below the poverty line, according to your money.

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