The Nomenklatura – they never really died, and now they’re fighting Trump

Guest Post by RedBaiter. NomenklaturaIn the old Soviet Union, a group of managers and bureaucrats (some 1.5 percent of the population) engaged in ceaseless political maneuvering among themselves while maintaining total power, as a privileged class, over all the others. 

The Soviet Union was ruled by a gang of ruthless communist thugs, but they didn’t do all that totalitarian stuff on their own. There were too many square miles of country and too many millions of people to be contained and controlled by a gang of crooks and thugs based in Moscow. No matter how cruel ruthless and all-powerful. So how was it done? How did a relatively small group of thugs manage to keep the population subdued?

They did it by means of their minions, a selected class of true believers who operated throughout the Soviet Union and were the ears and eyes of the Moscow government. They were called the Nomenklatura. Literally translated, this means first on the list, and they were first on the list of course, in payment for their loyalty to the cause. First for good jobs. First for any position of influence that might arise. First in line for favours from Moscow. And all they had to do to remain first on the list was maintain the Communist status quo.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Berlin wall, the next step forward for those politically displaced by these events was the Frankfurt School and a slow and subtle penetration of Western culture. The challenge for the communist academics was how to do in the democratic West what they had done by murder and terror in the Soviet union.
Their ideas were slowly seeped into Western Universities, and then schools, and then the bureaucracy, and eventually, those youth who were turned by those ideas grew to adulthood, and a few generations later, became democratically elected. The plan worked, and now that they had democracy in their grasp, all they needed to do was to turn those democracies to soft tyrannies.

Stalin and Lenin built their communist tyrannies by the crude means of mass murder, terror and ruthlessness dispatch of any person or organisation standing in their way. The neo-Communists have been much more sophisticated, restrained and cunning in building their own tyranny, and they’ve been remarkably successful in their efforts. Even to the extent of establishing the same Nomenklatura that existed in the Soviet Union. The First Listers who support the status quo and profit from that support politically and economically exist today in Western societies just as they did in Soviet Russia last century.

Trump’s election was broadly a people’s revolution, by democratic means, against the Communist ruling class put slowly into place since the fall of the Soviet Union. Mr. Trump doesn’t know this. It’s doubtful the people who elected him knew it. They just knew there was something wrong, and they were being herded into a system they didn’t like, and in the US, because of its special status as a Constitutional Republic, they were able to do something about it.

The US people broke the back of the plan to sovietise their country.

The outrage and panic from the neo-communists and their troops on the ground, the Nomenklatura, has been tumultuous. Today they are throwing everything into regaining that lost ground. Not only have they lost control of the US, the contagion shows every sign of spreading to Europe and further. Sixty years of planning and plotting and inexorable progress across the West is in danger of being destroyed.

So in the US, we have the forces at the head of the effort, Barack Obama, the Clintons, organising a counter offensive from bunkers in Washington and New York, and the Nomenklatura, today made up (just as it once as in Soviet Russia) of the established bureaucracy, the education sector, the mainstream media,  the unions, all the divisive groups that have been built over the years, fighting a vicious rear guard action. In the streets. In the halls of local government. In state govts. In the judiciary. The new Nomenklatura are fighting to defend and eventually re-establish the status quo that existed before Trump’s election.

Some people think the battle is between Conservatism and liberalism, or Progressivism, or even between Islam and Christianity, and it is in a way all of those things. However the real core of the battle is the fight for a free and democratic western society, and repelling the soft tyranny that today’s neo-Communists would impose, and that would undoubtedly eventually lead to the same old hard tyranny the left have lusted after throughout history.

Look at the big picture. Know who your enemy really is. Look out most of all for the modern day Nomenklatura. They’re not hard to recognise. They’re the ones who stand to lose their positions of power, and their incomes, if they can’t restore the pre-Trump status quo. They’re vicious and ruthless and they’ll fight hard, for their livelihood depends upon their success.

We’re actually fighting a passive revolution. Don’t let them win. Don’t surrender. Never surrender. If they win, and they regain power, be certain, this chance will never come again. In their victory they’ll make doubly certain of that, and they’ll make the time before Trump look like Nirvana.

We simply have to not only defeat, but crush and destroy forever today’s Nomenklatura and their shadowy leaders. Once that defeat is in place, the Constitutional Republic can be restored, and the US and the rest of the West can start the long road back to liberty. The liberty that is the core of Western civilisation, and that has been so badly forsaken over the last sixty years.


This article originally appeared on, republished in full with permission from the author, @Redbaiternz

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