Tactical genius: Hanson wears burqa in parliament

The burqa is anathema to everything we claim to stand for as a liberal democracy.

By wearing it in parliament, Hanson has profaned our society’s most sacred space.

Liberal democracy and secular values have their own problems – but these are the very foundations of the leftist argument for “tolerance” of foreign ideologies.

She will be slandered of course – as a racist, islamophobe etc etc – but that’s nothing new and therefore increasingly ineffective.

This is a genius move on her part. Centrists will see this display and agree wholeheartedly that this ideology has no place in our national future whatsoever, while the left will now be forced to double down and defend Islam at the cost of the secular liberal democracy they claim to champion.

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1 thought on “Tactical genius: Hanson wears burqa in parliament”

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